March 20, 2011

Summer 2011 Heritage Teacher Workshop


Do you have students in your K-16 language classroom or community school who are home speakers of the language you are teaching, i.e. heritage learners? Consider applying for a one-week workshop in July that targets this population. You’ll have a chance to collaborate with teachers from Los Angeles and across the country as you learn to design your own curriculum for classes with heritage students as well as those with both heritage and second language learners. The workshop will also address topics such as selecting appropriate materials and assessment tools for heritage learners. Workshop faculty are experts in both heritage language teaching and bridging the gap between theory and practice, making for a dynamic learning environment.

The application site for the STARTALK/NHLRC Heritage Teacher workshop is now open. The workshop will be hosted at UCLA from July 17-22, 2011. Applications due May 1, 2011.

Learn more and apply at

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