June 26, 2011

June 2011 Culture Club Newsletter

The June 2011 Culture Club has been launched! You will find a new Where in the World? Mystery Photo Contest in the Photo Gallery; reviews of French and Italian films in the Screening Room; reviews of French and Spanish books in the Library; an interview with a Russian teen-ager in the Hangout; an article on "America's French Heritage" in the Speaker's Corner and an accompanying lesson plan in the Teachers' Lounge; a recipe for Bocconcini di Caprese (Caprese Bites) in the Banquet Hall; new cinquains in the French, German, and Italian Poetry Rooms; and a new cross-cultural story by the June winner in the Culture Shocks blog. Remember that contributions to the Culture Club are always welcome.

Access the latest edition of Culture Club at http://www.nclrc.org/cultureclub/current_directory.html

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