August 14, 2011

Summer 2011 Issue of the Heritage Language Journal


Volume 8, Issue 2 of the Heritage Language Journal is now on line ( This issue, with six papers and a book review, is the first of two proceedings issues from the National Heritage Language Resource Center’s conference held in February, 2010.

The Heritage Language Journal has also have launched a new website, which requires registration to access journal papers. You will be asked to register even though you were a subscriber on the former website.

In this issue:
Filling the Void: Community Spanish Language Programs in Los Angeles Serving to Preserve the Language
“The Tongue of Pangcah and of Savages are the Same”: Language Ideology in a Multilingual Aboriginal Village in Taiwan
Impact of Home Language and Literacy Support on English-Chinese Biliteracy Acquisition among Chinese Heritage Language Learners
Exploring and Supporting Home Language Maintenance in Informal Playgroups: Working with Pacific Communities
Ainu as a Heritage Language of Japan: History, Current State and Future of Ainu Language Policy and Education
Diversity in Definition: Integrating History and Student Attitudes in Understanding Heritage Learners of Spanish in New Mexico
Book Review: Indigenous Language Revitalization: Encouragement, Guidance & Lessons Learned

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