February 12, 2012

Summer Language Institutes in Persian, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese

The University of Maryland’s School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (SLLC) Summer Language Institutes offer intensive language and culture programs for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced students of Persian, Chinese, and Arabic, as well as Beginner and Intermediate Russian. These programs will run from June 2nd – August 4th, 2012 and feature the following:

An Intensive nine-week summer program equivalent to one full academic year (up to 12 credit hours)
Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced level training
One-on-one time with language partners for additional support, speaking practice, and tutoring
Competitive Summer Institute Scholarships available to help offset the cost of attendance
A focus on building listening comprehension skills through media and current events
Proximity to Washington, DC, allowing for a rich calendar of weekly cultural events and lectures, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with government and business professionals
Small class sizes, 22 contact hours per week, and dedicated faculty and staff members

Priority deadlines for applications are March 15th, 2012, although applications may be accepted on a space available basis through May 15th, 2012.

Apply at http://www.languages.umd.edu/specialprograms/summerinstitute/apply.html

Learn more about each program here:
Arabic: http://www.languages.umd.edu/specialprograms/summerinstitute/arabic.html
Chinese: http://www.languages.umd.edu/specialprograms/summerinstitute/chinese.html
Russian: http://www.languages.umd.edu/specialprograms/summerinstitute/russian.html
Persian: http://www.languages.umd.edu/specialprograms/summerinstitute/persian.html

Learn more about the University of Maryland’s Flagship programs in Arabic and Persian.
Arabic: http://www.languages.umd.edu/arabic/flagship/index.html
Persian: http://www.languages.umd.edu/persian/flagship/index.html

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