March 17, 2012

New Study Abroad Programs from the School of Russian and Asian Studies

The School of Russian and Asian Studies is proud to announce several new innovative programs!

Policy and Conflict in the Post-Soviet Space
Sept 3 - Dec 14 (Apply by May 15, 2012)
This program seeks to critically analyze the post-Soviet era. Students will visit Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and Russia and will discuss the conflicts in these states, both past and present, with local students, teachers, and experts. The competing foreign interests at work in these states will also be explored. Students will also intensively study Russian, an important language of diplomacy across the post-Soviet space.
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Eurasian Culinary Adventure
July 15 - Aug 12, 2012 (Apply by May 1, 2012)
This program is designed to open all the senses to the rich cultures of the Slavs and the peoples of Central Asia and the Caucasus. Students will study Russian, a lingua franca of these peoples, in intensive classroom sessions and at an included home stay. You'll also dive into the history and cultural significance of local cuisines before learning to make the foods yourself: Ukrainian borsch, Uzbek plov, Georgian khatchapuri, and more. Based in Kiev, Ukraine, this course includes travel to the Crimean Peninsula (famous for its wines) and to Georgia in the Caucuses.
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Russian Studies Seminar: The Russian Elections
June 14 - July 14, 2012 (Apply by March 10, 2012)
This is an intensive four-week course detailing the social forces shaping Russia's political scene and how politics may impact Russian society after the elections of 2011 and 2012. What issues resonate with Russian voters? Who are Russia's major political parties and what are their stances on these issues? How does Russia's government work and what impact does it have on Russia's economy? What is the role of the media in Russian society and Russian politics? How will the results of the latest Duma and Presidential elections likely affect Russian politics, society, and the economy?
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Mass Movements: From Protest to Revolution
July 16 - July 30, 2012 (Apply by March 15, 2012)
This unique summer seminar will examine the Russian Revolution and the fall of Communism as case studies for understanding wider patterns of revolution and protest. The history of these events will be examined in detail. In addition, broader theoretical questions will be discussed, such as what influence diasporas can have from abroad, how the media and NGOs can influence public opinion, and how demographics can ease or exacerbate tensions. What can the masses and government do to make sure dialogue doesn't break down to the point that revolution occurs?
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Of course, these are in addition to the rest of SRAS’s programs, which can be found here:

Funding opportunities are available:

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